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How Cloud Computing makes my real life business better – the future

Posted by Alex Chriss on November 10, 2008

Mike Riversdale just posted “Wondering Why You Should Care About “Web 2.0/”Cloud Computing”? on Ben Kepes, Diversity Limited. I call this article out because it paints a beautiful vision on how apps work together in the future cloud world – well, this is exactly what we’re trying to do with IPP. 

So read the article, then close your eyes, see the vision, and then imagine your QuickBooks back office data that you rely on to run your company – and now imagine your front office needs to grow your business  – and now imagine all that data, and all your employees and partners and customers working on stuff together, and now smile, because if it works, then as the article says you don’t care how it’s happening, “in a nutshell: it just works.”  And that’s how apps should work for consumers and businesses.  



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