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What’s wrong with SaaS apps built in Flex?

Posted by Alex Chriss on December 8, 2008

Since we chose a Flex Framework to integrate with the Intuit Partner Platform, I’ve heard from a handful of developers and end-users that Flex-based apps can’t be successful.  Apps built in Flex are uncomfortable, too non-conformist, too blurry, etc etc, for some users.  Jane McCarty just posted saying:

My opinion…if one is going to use flash, it should be in small elements around a framework of web standards such as HTML & CSS. Fast, clean, simple and effective.  

I kind of like apps built in Flex.  I agree that they don’t look like a traditional “HTML” web apps, but that works for me in certain situations.  To me, they’re sexy and fast and work like a real app should – they feel like an app, not just a browser…And the more I play with AIR apps such as TweetDeck and our upcoming AIR communication app from Intuit, the more I really like both Flex and Air. What are the best examples of all-Flex apps that you use?


7 Responses to “What’s wrong with SaaS apps built in Flex?”

  1. Jack said

  2. Jack – YES! I do like SlideRocket a lot…BuzzWord is pretty cool too!

  3. Flex/AIR collaboration platform.

    I’m very proud of our application and our users seem to love it so far!

  4. Sean – looks great – we should see if there’s a good fit on the Intuit Partner Platform

  5. Actually, I reviewed the use of Adobe Flex in data driven apps, not multimedia systems. And I tried to specify why its not that good idea:

  6. Mike said

    We’ve used Flex and Flash in some internal apps for large enterprise clients. The apps are data-driven to a large extent and have both local and remote data synchronization to deal with.

    Just like anything – architecture, interface requirements and the “user experience” count more than the technology. Flex is an enabler in many ways.

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