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Free QuickBooks Pro – Monday only at Staples

Posted by Alex Chriss on December 19, 2008


Monday 12/22/08 – Free QuickBooks Pro ($199 value) at Staples (while supplies last)

Here’s the link to getting it On-line



43 Responses to “Free QuickBooks Pro – Monday only at Staples”

  1. darley said

    So where is this applicable?

  2. darley said

    Ahh, in the headline.

  3. earnest said

    this is an amazing deal

  4. Awesome deal!

    Thanks for posting the flyer too. The email from Rick Jensen got forwarded all the way to my Inbox, but the link in his email doesn’t work outside of Intuit 😦

  5. Boston Fan said

    Does anyone know if this applies to the Mac version as well?

  6. Sue Sweet said

    Hi Boston Fan – QuickBooks for Mac is not included in the promotion. The promo is for QuickBooks Pro, which works only with Windows.

  7. Mary said

    Although I already have this software, could I buy a copy and give it to a client at some point in the future?

  8. Cheryl Wolfe said

    You may want to check this out.

  9. ahh man!! the nearest staples is like 2 hours from me.

  10. Mary Graham said

    Hi Sarah:

    The email that I received says you can buy it online.

  11. PCTecGuy said

    does anyone have the item number?

  12. Arie Teomi said

    I assume this does not include Payroll. Intuit now want some $360.00 for payroll update. It make no sesnse to me. Any Suggestions?

  13. Muelld said

    the item (sku) number is 758686. I just looked online at and they do not carry that item # ?!?!?!

  14. Edwards said

    Too bad you can’t get it online – there are no Staples in Las Vegas…

  15. Roger said

    The flyer says we can purchase this on line, one of the comments submitted says you can’t. Anyone know if you can or can not buy this online?

  16. Sean said

    For payroll, try Costco, they have various offers with or without Quickbooks

  17. kelly said

    Warning, warning! QB Pro 2009 has some MAJOR problems and if you’re thinking of moving up from a previous version of QB Pro read this Intuit forum link before going anywhere near this 2009 version. Intuit is trying to iron out the problems, but it seems like it’s going to be a while before this version works as well as your previous version of QB.

  18. andrea said

    There are patches for the 2009 version coming out this month. I believe they will be out on 19 December to fix the problems. I learned this at a QB seminar earlier this month. 09 is a good program.

  19. Terence said

    is this for MAC OS also?

  20. Deborah said

    As a QB’s Pro-Advisor, I’ve been using the 09 version since September to test it before switching clients and have not encountered any problems with the Pro Premier or Enterprise versions.

    This a great deal for small businesses during these stressful times and Intuit and Staples are to be applauded for their generosity.

  21. Small Business said


    Read, read and read! This particular promo is for Window only!

  22. The Busy Bookkeeper said

    I have also been using the 09 version since I received in October. I had advised all of my clients NOT to purchase QB09 until the online banking situation has been cleared up. I downloaded the newest update and am impressed due to how badly the original version was messed up. It is almost up to snuff at this point!

    Your clients shouldn’t pass up this opportunity even if they don’t load the program right away and wait until the situation has been resolved. Intuit is responding to requests to fixes.

    Thanks for listening and fixing!

  23. Technorino said

    AH!! Staples here i come!

  24. y3 said

    I also want online, but it sure is not

  25. Lee said

    Notice… “WHILE SUPPLIES LAST” !!!

  26. Sohail Rizki said

    You can buy it online, as it says,
    “The offer is for one day only; limited to one copy of QuickBooks Pro per customer. You can find the nearest Staples store at or buy on-line. “

  27. David said

    So this is only a single user version? If you need multi-user, can you buy this and do an inexpensive license upgrade?

  28. Unfortunately, after forwarding the information to over 150 current and former clients (most of whom are still using earlier versions) that I set up or trained in QuickBooks at their offices (as “Dr. QuickBooks”, I make house calls) and posting information about this alleged deal on Craig’s List and Biznik, I got a call from a friend asking me if I knew anything about it.

    When I called my local Staples store, both clerks I talked and their assistant manager knew nothing about the promotion.

    I suspect that the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. I will let Rick Jensen at Intuit know that Staples may be dropping the ball.

    But I do appreciate Intuit’s trying to look out for small business owners in today’s economic climate. Thanks.

  29. Ronald said

    1. Promo Ad to send to clients = no ref to WINDOWS version only.
    2. I called 2 local Staples stores in Portland, OR area. One store recd memo and aware of promo, could not find memo, had 15 copies QB on hand + shipment due was late, thought could buy online. The other store = had not heard of promo, no knowledge of it.
    3. Email I recd stated “. . or buy on-line.” I checked Staples website = several QB products, but no single user QB Pro 2009 WINDOWS version (did have MAC version).

  30. I got a call from the manager of my local Staples. He said he had just gotten word of the promotion from his regional headquarters.

    Rick Jensen of Intuit sent me an email that he is also checking into this issue of the left hand not knowing what the right hand or foot is doing.

    I also think that if the ad doesn’t say Windows only, it should apply to both. Anyone affected by this should complain to Intuit or their local Better Business Bureau (I recently complained about some free gasoline cards I was supposed to receive and a week after my complaint was received, I got them.)

  31. […] Free QuickBooks Pro – Monday only at Staples Monday 12/22/08 – Free QuickBooks Pro ($199 value) at Staples (while supplies last) […]

  32. Mark WS said

    Its live and working. Put sku in “shop by catalog #”, and it will land in your cart.

  33. Muelld said

    This morning the product is available online. I just placed my order – easy!

  34. Thanks for the post. Just went to my local Staples store this morning and bought one of their six available QuickBooks Pro 2009 (Windows, single user). None of the store clerks or manager had heard about this offer, but the Intuit rebate printed out with the transaction upon purchasing. I currently use QB Pro 2007 for my business and was interested in this offer.

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  36. Any update on whether this applies to multi-user or how costly an upgrade would be?

  37. QTP said

    I got one at the store. This item is only apply for Window, single user only. And this item is now online (it wasn’t yesterday). I think it will only be online for day. But who knows …

  38. Pat B said

    Ordered it online this morning. Estimated delivery date 12-26. Very easy to order.

  39. Roger K said

    I sounded like a great deal but as of 1 thirty mountain time I was told no more in store or on the net. Bummer….

  40. Rita said

    You cannot even order one online and all stores are out. They will not allow backorders.

  41. […] joke! As posted on Blog Sphere, for today only and while supplies last, QuickBooks Pro 2009 is FREE (after rebate) at Staples. If […]

  42. Marianne Kent said

    I have been out of town for several days. Any chance this might be offered again before the end of the year? After the end of the year?


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