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New App Launch and Video Interview with Intuit Partner building in Flex

Posted by Alex Chriss on December 13, 2008

Alex Barnett just posted a new interview with Joe Dwyer from Dwyer Technology.  Joe recently launched his app, Trigger Connect on the Intuit Partner Platform and talks about building his app, with no flex experience, in about 6 weeks.  Trigger Connect allows companies using Intuit QuickBooks to easily synch their customer data to the web and then keep their entire team on the same page, with twitter-like CRM tracking.  

You can see a video of the TriggerConnect in action or try the Beta of the app directly within the Intuit Workplace.


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What’s wrong with SaaS apps built in Flex?

Posted by Alex Chriss on December 8, 2008

Since we chose a Flex Framework to integrate with the Intuit Partner Platform, I’ve heard from a handful of developers and end-users that Flex-based apps can’t be successful.  Apps built in Flex are uncomfortable, too non-conformist, too blurry, etc etc, for some users.  Jane McCarty just posted saying:

My opinion…if one is going to use flash, it should be in small elements around a framework of web standards such as HTML & CSS. Fast, clean, simple and effective.  

I kind of like apps built in Flex.  I agree that they don’t look like a traditional “HTML” web apps, but that works for me in certain situations.  To me, they’re sexy and fast and work like a real app should – they feel like an app, not just a browser…And the more I play with AIR apps such as TweetDeck and our upcoming AIR communication app from Intuit, the more I really like both Flex and Air. What are the best examples of all-Flex apps that you use?

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Flex Camp Boston this week!

Posted by Alex Chriss on December 8, 2008

We’ll be sending some engineers and product managers from the Intuit Partner Platform and handing out some goodies at Flex Camp Boston on Friday (Dec 12th).  Looking forward to seeing Mr. O’Connor. If you plan on going ping me and let me know so we can hook up . (Twitter: @acce)

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New Video’s of QuickBooks Customer Explorer posted

Posted by Alex Chriss on November 28, 2008

Universal Mind has updated their Customer Explorer app (built in Adobe Flex) with new videos of how to get your Intuit QuickBooks data into the app and use their geo-spatial technology to gather insight on your customers.  The app is free at Intuit Workplace.  The possibilities here are endless.

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Heading to Adobe Max next week looking for flex developers

Posted by Alex Chriss on November 13, 2008

I hope to see many of you at Max next week.  Intuit will be hosting an event Sunday night and have a good size presence at the conference.  Check out our booth and come find me if you want to learn more about the Intuit Partner Platform.

We’ll be demo’ing some pretty slick Flex apps built by some of our developers.  You can follow my Max experience on Twitter.  See you there!

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Review of the Intuit Partner Platform apps

Posted by Alex Chriss on November 9, 2008

Oliver Marks just posted a nice review of the Intuit Partner Platform.  This week Oliver was a judge on a contest we ran leading up to Adobe Max in two weeks.  It’s very exciting to see the apps some of our developers have built on the platform.  If you’re at Max, stop by our booth and check them out (most are built in Flex).

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