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I want to be an “uber-lemming”

Posted by Alex Chriss on May 21, 2009

This morning I was telling Alex Barnett how much I was loving using to track links that I post to my twitter feed – seeing in real-time the users following the links. Wicked cool!

 And Alex said, “Oh yeah, you got 500 clicks on the Intuit Green link yesterday.”  WHAT!?! How did he know?  I hadn’t realized that you could see the traffic of other url’s.  So after doing a little digging and reading James Governor and Marshall Kirkpatrick’s thoughts on “Twitter Crowns As The King of Short Links; Here’s What It Means” – I’m sold.


I want to be an uber-lemming!  What does that mean?  Well, I want to be able to opt in to a twitter or rss feed that sends me the link to any link that surpasses my threshold of lemmingness (say 5,000 clicks).  I’ll never be out of the know again!  I’m guaranteed to be within the first few thousand people to know about the next Susan Boyle or whether Dollhouse got picked up for another season, or a major earthquake somewhere in the world.  Proactive trend management, or a wanna-be-lemming.  Make it so and you’ll rock even more! 

p.s. please make it easy for me to then re-tweet things I find particularly interesting so I can foster other fans/lemmings!


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5 “sure thing” Technology Predictions for 2009 (sure to be wrong!)

Posted by Alex Chriss on December 24, 2008

1)      Massive consolidation of technology startups, acquisitions galore – VC funding becomes incredibly selective and lots of solid technology startups, with no paying customers and revenue streams, turn to acquisition as an exit strategy.  Similar to mid-1999, some of the big players, go on a shopping spree – unlike ’99, the valuation are quite reasonable. 

2)      Twitter explodes…in a good wayTwitter is on the verge of insane growth.  Personal blogging slows considerably as people meld blogging and social networking  and simply turn to Twitter.  They break 50 million users in 2009 and become THE place for corporate brands to maintain their reputations.  Funds get pulled out of Second-life (and banner ads too) as companies staff “twitter-watchers” to make sure they are on top of any feedback (positive or negative).  The race for the best twitter apps continue.

 3)      The mobile industry is going to be boring – Not that stuff won’t happen, but nothing “major” is going to rock the industry (i.e. iPhone).  There will be good advances in technology and finally a shakedown towards development standards.  There will be more cool iphone apps but for the most part, the iphone won’t take over the world and app developers can’t monetize other business mobile apps, so 2009 will be more about foundation building than breathtaking announcements.

 4)      Adobe Air apps rock the world Tweetdeck is just the start.  As people get used to “conveniently connected” desktop apps, developers will take Air to the next level and build some really stunning and highly distributed apps. 

5)      Traditional Small Businesses move to SaaS in droves – The typical small business is still pretty old-school – Running their business on some combination of E-mail, QuickBooks and spreadsheets.  But SaaS costs are coming down and the technology is getting much more interesting.  2009 holds employees demanding on-line payroll, customers who are on twitter and need a response, vendors who don’t want to fax you documents – there’s nowhere to hide.  This is the year the average small business jumps two feet into technology and developers will be there to respond – integrated data, drop-dead simple apps, solid value…We’re going to see SMB SaaS adoption skyrocket.

Thoughts?  What else is SURE to happen in 2009?

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Heading to Adobe Max next week looking for flex developers

Posted by Alex Chriss on November 13, 2008

I hope to see many of you at Max next week.  Intuit will be hosting an event Sunday night and have a good size presence at the conference.  Check out our booth and come find me if you want to learn more about the Intuit Partner Platform.

We’ll be demo’ing some pretty slick Flex apps built by some of our developers.  You can follow my Max experience on Twitter.  See you there!

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