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Dear Tweetdeck, Please integrate RSS feeds!

Posted by Alex Chriss on March 22, 2009

I love Tweetdeck – it’s open all day on my laptop and when I’m not mobile it’s the central place I follow friends, co-workers, news, etc.  The one downside to all of my Tweetdeck use, is that I’m spending less time in my Google Reader, reading the blogs that I subscribe too.  

I really miss those blogs!  Since Tweetdeck seems to be a great aggregator of most of my information flow (everything but email) it seems to me that having a column dedicated to my RSS feeds would be ideal.   

So…Wonderful gods at Tweetdeck, since you’re all about consolidation/integration (I see the new facebook stuff – very cool!) my request is that you add a column for the headlines from my google reader.  I know I could probably do this myself by following the bloggers who tweet, but it won’t be concise.  I want to import my OPML file and have you reserve one of my columns for a very simple list of new posts from the blogs that I follow.  That’s all – a super-simple way to stay in tweetdeck and get my blog fix. 


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