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I want to be an “uber-lemming”

Posted by Alex Chriss on May 21, 2009

This morning I was telling Alex Barnett how much I was loving using to track links that I post to my twitter feed – seeing in real-time the users following the links. Wicked cool!

 And Alex said, “Oh yeah, you got 500 clicks on the Intuit Green link yesterday.”  WHAT!?! How did he know?  I hadn’t realized that you could see the traffic of other url’s.  So after doing a little digging and reading James Governor and Marshall Kirkpatrick’s thoughts on “Twitter Crowns As The King of Short Links; Here’s What It Means” – I’m sold.


I want to be an uber-lemming!  What does that mean?  Well, I want to be able to opt in to a twitter or rss feed that sends me the link to any link that surpasses my threshold of lemmingness (say 5,000 clicks).  I’ll never be out of the know again!  I’m guaranteed to be within the first few thousand people to know about the next Susan Boyle or whether Dollhouse got picked up for another season, or a major earthquake somewhere in the world.  Proactive trend management, or a wanna-be-lemming.  Make it so and you’ll rock even more! 

p.s. please make it easy for me to then re-tweet things I find particularly interesting so I can foster other fans/lemmings!


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